The advertising and marketing world has drastically evolved and changed over the past few years. Cutthroat competition has become the norm and as such, success in this field demands to possess an extra edge over whoever your adversaries are. This is where Facebook ads spy comes in. Knowing your competition and their Facebook ad tricks may be your path to ultimate success.

But, how can I know that?

No worries, there are some quite effective and simple Facebook spy tools and tricks that you may use to gather information on what your competition is doing that we will cover on this article, especially they exact ads they are running and most of all who they are targeting.

What you will learn in this article?
  • Different tools to spy on your competitors facebook ads
  • Freeways to discover what ads your competitors are running

Let get started, should we?

1. Social Ad scout

Cost: $149/m

One of the best Facebook Ad spy tools is Social Ad scout. This is a social Ad spy tool that comes loaded with unparalleled features and provides you with the opportunity to discover and access thousands of social Ads from around the globe.

What sets this spy tool apart from the rest of the other Facebook Ad research tools? For starters, it has detailed search filters that include text, URLs, Ad type, demographic information, device type and more. Moreover, it gives you extensive breakdowns that include timelines, how often the Ad was seen, who saw it, the Ad’s ranking and the devices the Ad was seen from. Social Ad scout as a Facebook Ads spy tool provides you with the actual Ad screenshot thus making it easier to download landing pages.

Additionally, this spy tool also covers both desktop and mobile Ads in every Ad format there is. To sum it up, it comes with an extremely fast interface as all your search requests are processed within a fraction of a second.

2. AdEspresso

Cost: Free

AdEspresso is a top Facebook Ad management software that can effectively be used as a Facebook Ad spy tool. This spy tool allows you to find competitor Ads by searching through their large database using keywords. Once you search, it shows you the Ad copy along with some other information such as the targeted Ad audience, the Ad placement, Ad objectives and attributes.

The advantage of using AdEspresso as a spy tool is that together with the database being updated every half an hour, the service is available at a fair cost of around $49 for the base subscription. It also acts as a Facebook Ad development and campaign tool that helps you to create the best Ads while spying on your competitors too.

3. Fan page Karma

Cost: Starting $49.90€/m

Fan page Karma is a Facebook Ad research tool that can be used to gather information on your competitors’ Ads. It’s a very effective spy tool as it updates you on the Ads’ daily statistics which include their Ad reach and post engagement.

This Facebook Ad spy tool gives you comparative statistics on your competitors’ Ads that include interactions, growth rate and fan page size. The downside is that despite the competitor VS tool being free, this spy tool provides most of the analytical and monitoring data at a subscription fee of around $15 per month for the monitoring suite and $70 for the analytical suite.

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Cost: Several plans to offer.

Looking for a competent Facebook Ads spy tool? Here is your perfect deal, try out helps you to carry out Facebook Ads research on desktop and mobile. With this spy tool, you get a lot of information about your competitors, for example, their target audience and also their engagement levels.

This Facebook Ads spying tool helps you to monitor winning Ads, therefore, giving you the basis to design more competent campaigns for yourself. This spy tool has a massive database of Ads covering all fields. Get yourself this tool!

5. Straight from the source

Cost: Free

This spy trick scores heavily on simplicity. Why not use Facebook itself to spy on competitors’ Ads?

Interesting, right?

Well, whenever you see an Ad on your Facebook newsfeed or sidebar, look for the interaction button that brings up the options “Report this Ad” and “Why am I seeing this?”

The second option is what matters as it provides you with some insight into the Ad’s target audience. This is some quite trivial information considering that if you know who your competitors are targeting, it becomes easier to create a better and wider Ad yourself. The catch with this Facebook Ad spy trick is that you have to subscribe to your competitors for you to see their Ads on your timeline. It’s nonetheless an easy and free Facebook spying trick that is worth trying.

6. Case study capers

Cost: Free

Here comes the trick of you being the spy. This is a trick where you get information straight from the advertisers, in better terms, your competitors. You can learn a lot of information by just looking at the competitor’s blog. Fortunately, many companies publish their case studies, therefore, providing you with some great information for your use.

Using this trick, you can keep track of a company’s strengths and weaknesses once they publish them. Make use of every Facebook Ad technique that your competitors publish as it is free information. If marketing is your niche, this trick will perfectly apply as almost all companies in the marketing field publish their case studies.

7. The Facebook Open Graph

Cost: Free

For those with tight Facebook spyware budgets, this trick is tailor-made for you. This is because by using Facebook’s own Graph API, you can view the basic data setup of any Facebook entity.

How does this trick work? Well, it requires that you know your competitors’ fan page. Append their username or fan page ID number to the Facebook API website and with the click of a button, you can see all their basic page details without even liking their page.

This spy trick can be very useful especially if you are setting up your own fan page and would like to gain an edge over your competitors or would like to verse yourself with your competitors’ techniques.

Wrapping it up

There you go!

That wasn’t that hard, was it?

Now you have 12 different ways to unveil your competitors Facebook ads and crush it on your business.

Our all-time favorite is the Facebook Open Graph because it’s free and easy to find information.

If you know any other tools worth mentioning, let us know in the comments below.

Happy Spying my friends!