It is a fact that most of us do not understand the many Instagram image and video specs. There are latest feature releases, updates and lots more. Even though most of us are aware of some of the best Instagram ad sizes, a good number of us are unaware of the latest changes or releases.

This leads to one common question – What are the latest Instagram image and video specs in 2018?

In our bookmark-able post, we are going to cover what you need to know about Instagram video specs and Instagram photo specs in 2018.

What will be covered on this article?
  • Instagram Image Ad Specs
  • Instagram Stories Ad Specs
  • Instagram Carousel Ad Spec
  • Instagram Video Ad Specs
  • Best practice of how to use these
  • Examples of each ad spec

Let’s begin!

Instagram Image Ad Specs

Yes, the Instagram is exploding big! Last year from March to September alone, the number of monthly advertisers increased tremendously. Just in the lifespan of these 5 months, the number grew from 1 million users to a staggering 2 million users.

In fact, according to a recent survey, majority of the marketers prefer Instagram because it offers unique and rare opportunities. It is entirely the best platform where advertisers can market their services and products and receive full attention from users.

That sounds like something we would wish for, right? Well, let’s not delve too much into that and instead focus on correct Instagram image ad specs. These are what we recommend:

Square Image – 1080 by 1080 Pixels

You know what? There is one major drawback -the image consumes much of the post layout space. However, the image does not consume the entire space for the post. We recommend it for the portrait-style photos/images.

The best part is that it isn’t a must to limit scenic photos to the landscape. We would like to advise you that the square layout shouldn’t crop images/photos awkwardly.

Here are the image/photo guidelines:

  • Aspect ratio of 1:1
  • Size of 1080 by 1080 pixels

Vertical Image – 600 by 750 Pixels

One of the most common image sizes is the Instagram vertical image. The reason being that it defines what the photo is reset to. There are no much differences in specs, though but you’ll notice differences in resolution as well as overall ratio.

Below are the image/photo guidelines:

  • Aspect ratio 4:5
  • Size of 600 by 750 pixels (minimum resolution)
  • Size of 1936 by 1936 (maximum resolution)

1200 by 628 Pixels – Instagram Landscape Image

We guess that you already know that the Instagram landscape image is wider. Unlike the full square format, it does not consume much of the space of the Instagram post.

Well, landscape is a depiction of inland scenery, prairies or mountains and lots more.

With that in mind, we can categorically state that landscape photos have unique purposes, for instance, showcasing the whole scene. We recommend them for brands or companies wanting to showcase what their brands are all about.

So, what are the image guidelines?

  • The image/photo files should not 30 MB
  • The best aspect ratio is 1.9:1
  • The best image/photo size is 1200 by 628 pixels
  • Video and image/photo captions should not exceed 2,200 characters. 125 characters is the best.
  • The formats can be PNG or JPG.

Here is the bonus! You can actually crop images/photos using the ad creation tool to get customized images/photos.

Instagram Stories Ad Specs

Of course thousands of brands post their Instagram stories. According to a recent study, the addition to these stories is one of the reasons why Instagram users rise steadily, and we predict the number to keep rising.

That’s why we are saying, “The power of Instagram stories just can’t be ignored”. They’re surely one of the unmatched marketing strategies. So, what are the appropriate Instagram add specs? Let’s find out.

Stories Video Ad – 1080 by 1920

Did you know that about seventy percent of stories videos on Instagram are viewed without audio content? Well, the recent survey by Social Media Week show that.

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Now, with that in mind, you should always post videos that your audience desperately need to watch. Critically, the videos should answer the specific questions disturbing your audience.

The video guidelines

  • The maximum size of the video should be 4GB.
  • The aspect ratio of 9:16
  • A minimum resolution of 720 pixels
  • Size of 1080 by 1920 pixels
  • Formats should be MOV or MP4

Stories Image Ad – 1080 by 1920 Pixels

If you are a serial advertiser, then you already know that Instagram stories are loaded with features that make them suitable for single image ads. This is what actually makes it suitable for marketing campaigns.

Some of the features available like marker tools, GIFs as well as stickers make it easier for the users to get more information about your add.

The following are the image guidelines:

  • The maximum image size should be 30MB
  • The aspect ratio of 9:16
  • Size of 1080 by 1920 pixels
  • Formats should be PNG or JPG

You should never overlap the texts on the photo/image because Facebook’s Ad Manager do not accept such images, in most cases.

Instagram Carousel Ad Specs

You are probably unaware of the newest Instagram advertising tool-carousel ads. The Facebook also has this feature and can be featured on the same marketing platform.

With this ad format, you can showcase several videos, images or photos in just a single ad. So, what are the full specs? Find them below.

Image Ad – 1080 by 1080

Most of the Instagram users browse through the content the platform at incredible speeds and spend little time viewing or reading contents. But did you know that you can actually make them want to view the content? The trick is uploading visual content.

Below are some of the best image guidelines:

  • Aspect ratio of 1:1
  • Sizes of 1080 by 1080 pixels
  • Formats should be in PNG or JOG
  • Image size should not exceed 30MB
  • 2 to 10 images/photos allowed.

Video Ad – 600 by 600

Did you know that it’s possible to upload 10 videos for just one ad? This make it easier for you to balance content for your audience.

The following are the video guidelines:

  • The videos should be in MP4
  • Aspect ratio of 1:1
  • The video length shouldn’t exceed 60 seconds.
  • Size of 1080 by 1080 pixels (maximum) and 600 by 600 pixels (minimum)
  • The size of the video size shouldn’t exceed 4GB
  • 2 to 10 videos are allowed.

You should make sure that your video contains thumbnail image of 1:1 aspect ratio. Additionally, the texts in the image should be less.

Instagram Video Ad Specs

More than a quarter Instagram ads are single videos. And the good news is that the demand for video content on Instagram is surging tremendously. For you to be on the top of your game, it is essential to be aware of the correct and up-to-date specs.

Vertical Video – 600 by 750 Pixels

You really need to pay close attention to the aspect ratio as well as vertical video ads. Below are the full specs you should know:

  • Aspect ratio of 4:5
  • The size of 600 by 750 pixels.

Square Video – 600 by 600 Pixels

Well, there are no much changes to Instagram square video formats. But it’s still essential to pay close attention to the call action of your ad.

The following are the video guidelines:

  • Aspect ratio of 1:1
  • Size of 600 by 600 pixels

600 by 315 Resolution – Landscape Video

Just like the landscape images, the landscape videos are also meant for scenic purposes. You can use the videos to showcase a cinematic approach.

Here are the Video Guidelines

  • Aspect ratio of 1:19:1
  • The video size should not exceed 4GB
  • The formats should be MOV or MP4
  • The video length should not exceed 60 seconds.
  • Video frames should not exceed 30fps
  • Size of 600 by 315 pixels

Wrapping it up

Instagram is expanding. Many marketers are now using this platform. In fact, the mobile ads is expected to be huge in the next coming years. That being said, we expect this to generate massive ad revenue. Now, many marketers have started realizing the potential of the Instagram because of these impressive figures.

Precisely, Instagram is big and will continue to be big in the next few years. Highlighted above are some of the Instagram video specs as well as Instagram image specs. In 2018, Instagram is the heart of social media scenes for the advertisers and marketers. The platform has over 800 million active users and brands. So, why not don’t take advantage of these newest guidelines for the best marketing campaigns?