In the following article, we are going to discuss the main points for creating a successful media webpage by choosing the right Linkedin image size. Below you will find the instructions on how to create the best Linkedin image, your options and all the dimensions for it.

Images and videos are always of paramount importance for grabbing the attention of the viewers of your page on social media. Of course, visual effects and contents can have a great influence on the impression that the visitors will get from your pages. For this, you need to choose the right image size and use some tactics concerning this field.

There are several media profiles requiring different points. Today we are going to discuss the right image size of a large professional network Linkedin.

The latter is a great choice for connecting with different leaders and customers and for sourcing the best employees. There are numbers of ways for getting the ideal Linkedin image size and all you have to do is to follow the points. You need to avoid numbers of things, as well, thus below you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions to succeed in your Linkedin career.

What you will learn?
  • The ideal LinkedIn image sizes for your profile
  • Tips and tricks to have a more professional LinkedIn profile
  • Do and don’t when creating LinkedIn images

Let’s get started.

The ideal Linkedin image size

Have you ever been wondering, what is the ideal Linkedin image size that you can use for the promotion of your brand?

You surely have!

First, to avoid pixelated and stretched images on your Linkedin page and to avoid losing the attention of the visitors and your clients, you need to know all the possible ways for the solution of this problem. So, let’s discuss what the ideal size of a Linkedin image size is and how to choose it correctly.

Take the right pixels (px) for your Linkedin image

The online world requires special dimensions which are pixels, so first, you need to take your attention to the right height and the width of the Linkedin image. So, if the image has the same numbers in its height and width, for example, 600 x 600px, it means we have a square-like image. You can get this Linkedin image size by yourself, using some special programs, like software, or you can ask someone special in this field to do it for you.

The size of the Linkedin profile picture

How to choose the size for the Linkedin profile picture?

Here is the answer…

Usually, a profile picture on your Linkedin page is the first thing that the client will notice, so it needs to be ideal in its size and look. Generally, the recommended size for the Linkedin page profile image is 400 x 400px. – in JPG, PNG or GIF format.

The maximum size for the file needs to be 10MB. If your image size is bigger or smaller than the dimension mentioned above than your profile look is going to fail since your profile image will look stretched or smashed, improper for the view.

Choose the right image

Someone professional in this field will take a photo of you, choosing the ideal dimensions for the Linkedin banner image, or use online applications like PicMonkey, Stencil, Snappa, and Pixlr to adjust your image to the right size.

You can always use Designer Task and we will create something mind-blowing for you.

In this case, you will be sure that the first impression on your profile design will be positive and that the first step is done.

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The right Linkedin image size

Is it better to get the right Linkedin image size by yourself or with the help of a designer?

We highly recommend you to choose the second version – that is to ask a professional designer, to get the right size for you. Here you need someone with a sharp eye and with the ability to notice the details.

linkedin image sizes infographic

View full-size image

The right image for the Header cover image on your profile

The ideal dimension for the Linkedin background image is 1536 x 768px.

The minimum size for this image is 1192 x 220px. And the maximum size of the file is 4MB.

The look of this image is no less important than that of your Linkedin profile image.

This will be noticeable to the clients entering your profile, too. For this image it is recommended to use a picture of your branding company, but, of course, if you have some other ideas about this Linkedin background image, you can search for images online to find nice and proper scenery on different websites.

This will increase the chance to get a perfect look for your profile.

The profile picture and the banner image on your company page

The profile picture of your company page comes as a logo for your company. Linkedin recommends 400 x 400px for that image size.

On the other hand, 1536 x 768px is the recommended size for the Linkedin banner image.

A proper image for your article

The written article requires a proper image, as well, but compared to the previous points, this Linkedin image does not meet any recommendation for its size and location. Both can be chosen according to your preferences and ideas.

Introduction page

To find the greatest employees for your company, you can have a separate section on your Linkedin page introducing the opportunities for the career of your company. For this, you will again need e good image with its right size, which is recommended to be 1128 x 376px. (1128 x 376px – for minimum). And the maximum file size for this case is 2MB.

These points are very essential.

Undoubtedly, to build a good career one needs good qualifications and abilities to work with the right principles and with right people. But can anyone argue that the right introduction of your career cannot affect on what you call a career?

Based on the long years of experiences and results, we can surely say that the introduction is very important. People will hardly trust a company that is negligent and casual toward the page it runs. Imagine that you are entering a page, where everything is complex, the images are randomly chosen, have bad quality, a wrong size and do not correspond to what the company offers. This kind of company has no chances to win the trust of the clients.

Thus, taking into account the information on the right image size that we introduced above, can have a very decisive influence on the clients, entering your page. If you get the right sizes of each image on your Linkedin profile, it will get greater chances to grab the attention of the viewers. The better the design, the better the impression your Linkedin profile will leave on your customers and on employees, as well.

Wrapping it up

So, in order to create a proper media page for sake of the success of your Linkedin media page, you need to remember the following points:

  • Take a proper image for your company page
  • Get the right size for the image you choose
  • Turn to a professional photographer or designer to take the responsibility of getting the size of the image
  • Avoid getting images that do not meet the dimensions
  • Avoid choosing images that do not correspond to the requirements of the company.

These points will provide your Linkedin webpage with a proper and great design and will become the source of your career success.