Key Takeaways
  • The podcast cover art size should have a minimum resolution of 1400×1400 pixels and a maximum of 3000x 3000 pixels.
  • The images should be in JPEG or PNG format. They should also come with RGB colorspace.
  • Color determines how your podcast cover art stands out.
  • Typography is used to convey what the podcast is about.

As a podcaster, to gather a decent following your audio should be nothing short of top notch.

Combined with interesting concepts and messages, you should increase the number of followers on a daily basis, right?

But there’s one part of the process that most podcasters miss — the podcast cover art.

You see, before you can even get someone to listen to your podcasts, the first thing to catch their attention is your podcast cover art, also known as podcast logos.

Get it right and the guy is hooked, left with no choice but to succumb to their curiosity to find out what your message is all about.

In fact, the iTunes cover art size is one of the main points to be considered to be featured on iTunes.

When your fans are looking for your podcasts on the internet or when browsing through platforms such as Stitcher, the podcast cover is the first point of reference and is what helps them recognize your content.

It is safe to say then that the design podcast cover should reflect the message that you are passing across.

But how do you go about designing the best podcast logos?

At Designer Task, we will guide you through the best practices, and show you some really cool templates that you can use as a basis for creating your own design podcast cover.

Let’s dive straight in!

Understand Your Audience

I know you are excited, but before you can even think about designing your podcast cover, you must first understand your message and your intended listeners.

Only then can you design a cover that best reflects the message and visually communicates this message to your audience.

Let’s suppose your podcast is about the latest movie releases. Simply thinking about movies is not enough. You also need to be specific about the genre as well. With this in mind, you can achieve a design podcast cover that best reflects what your podcast is about.

Your tone of voice is an equally important consideration when designing your podcast cover art.

Are you talking about a serious topic that requires you to be brief and straight to the point? Or are you a funny guy who prefers adding some humor to your podcasts. The podcast cover art should be able to reflect this.

Who are the people listening to your podcasts?

Think of the gender, age or demographic of your audience and keep this in mind when making the best podcast logos.

Podcast Logos

Whether you are on Stitcher or Google play, all these platforms have restrictions and requirements for the right podcast cover art or logos and this is especially so with the iTunes cover art size. We could go through each if it wasn’t for the fact that these requirements are basically similar across the board.

So, what’s the right size?

Well, the podcast cover art should have a minimum resolution of 1400×1400 pixels and a maximum of 3000x 3000 pixels. The images should be in JPEG or PNG format. They should also come with RGB colorspace.

Advancements in mobile technology mean that people are not only listening to podcasts through the PC but on their smartphones as well.

listening to podcast

To be on the safe side, we at Designer Task recommend that you upload an image that is at least 3000x 3000 pixels to provide your listeners with the best design podcast cover art visuals regardless of the device they are tuning in on.

One of the main restrictions that we’ve found has to do with the shape of the podcast cover art. A square image can be tricky to utilize considering the era we are in of HD screen and 16:9 aspect ratio.

Designing the Best Podcast Cover Art

When designing your podcast logos, the main point now becomes whether you want to use a photo or a drawing.

The cool thing with using photos is that they help depict the reality of things and can enable your listeners to have that “this is real” mentality.

But let’s consider using drawings as an alternative. They can be better designed to reflect what the podcast is actually about. Graphics designers can help develop the best art for your podcast cover.

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Remember what we said earlier about thinking about what the message is and who is your audience? It’s time to put that in practice.

Say you are talking about wildlife and nature. Your design podcast cover should have an image containing wildlife.

If on the other hand you are talking about technology and the latest trends, showing some cool gadgets on the podcast cover can really help pass the right message to your audience even before they begin to listen.

Where to Use Your Podcast Logos

We’ve determined that the best podcast logos should be attractive enough to catch peoples’ attention. This means striking a balance between the cover art being too detailed that any small screen user struggles to read, and being less detailed that it becomes boring.

That said, it’s important to make known to your audience that yours is actually a podcast.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, isn’t it obvious, right?

Well, you’d be surprised at how easily images can confuse audiences. One way of making it simple for listeners to identify that this is a podcast is to include an icon such as a microphone or a pair of headphones in the design podcast cover.

iTunes Cover Art Size

Okay granted, Google play and Sticher make it easy to reach plenty of listeners out there. iTunes, however, is the largest podcast directory. This means you can reach far more people when your podcast is on iTunes than any other directory.

We’ve already noted that the best podcast cover art should be neat and attractive. The best size is between 1400x 1400 pixels with a maximum of 3000x 3000 pixels.

Remember to create art that still looks good when scaled down to size. This is helpful for people who are listening on their smartphones.

How to Pick the Right Style for Your Podcast Cover Art?

When designing your podcast cover, you will be playing around with 6 elements of design— lines, shapes, color, type, frame, and texture.

Keep in mind that the subject of your podcast will greatly influence the use of these 6 elements.

Take lines for example…

You could use them to highlight the letters and words on your podcast cover art. Even while the image should reflect what the podcast is about, a line around the words will help draw the reader’s attention to them.

Speaking of the image, the texture and shading should be just enough to create a good-looking image. Too much of it and listeners with small screen devices may not be able to make out what that image is.

Remember, the idea here is to pick a style that will best reflect the message of your podcast. If you speak about classic cars, then your design podcast cover art should feature a retro look.

Adding Color to Your Podcast Cover Art

Color is definitely an important element that plays a huge role in determining how your podcast cover art stands out. Colors affect the mood and the best selection will reflect the nature of your message as well as influence the mood of your listeners.

Bright colors are associated with warmth and fun while cool colors create a feeling of calmness and inner peace.

Taking things a notch higher, you can even combine both bright and cool coolers to really make your design podcast cover art stand out.

A good trick is to pick one dominant color for your podcast cover and a complementary color to enhance the image.

Words on Your Podcast Cover Art

Are really important as they convey what the podcast is about. The typography thus needs to be just right to be easily visible by your followers and audience.

If they are too big then the words may overwhelm your design podcast cover art image.

If too small, they may not be easily readable by someone tuning in from a small screened device such as a mobile phone.

Note that the typography may be all the image that you need but ensure that when designing your podcast logos, if the words are the most dominant feature that this is something you wanted other than it being by mistake.

Wrapping it up

It is clear now that for the best design podcast cover art, many elements need to work together in perfect harmony.

Whether you are looking to be featured on iTunes after designing the best iTunes cover art size, its main purpose is to grab the audience’s attention, tell them what the message is and why they should tune in to your podcast.

Without the right experience, designing your own podcast cover art can be a bit daunting.

The best way to go about this is to get a professional graphic designer do it for you. At Designer Task, we have a team of experienced graphic designers that will make you the perfect podcast cover for you.