Since I started my digital agency, Scale, which is the same company behind Designer Task that offers unlimited graphic design monthly plansI had the chance to test different growth hacks for almost everything.

One thing that I noticed is that all those gurus and experts out there barely share a step by step guide on how to do things. I’m here to change that.

People seemed to be afraid of sharing their complete processes on how to do certain tasks, but the way I see it, the more you share, the more you can test things and get better at it while building trust.

For the sake of this post, we will use Serious Facts (FB, TW and Instagram), one of our agency’s personal project that we grew organically from scratch to show you different Social Media Hacks and how we use them daily to help us reach over 400,000 followers across different social profiles in less than three years.


Let’s get down to business.

1 – Use IFTT to post on all social profiles while backing up your images to Google Drive.

For those that don’t know about IFTTT, you will thank me later.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of commands which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Ok… but how did you use this to grow your account? We use two main recipes on all of our accounts.

Recipe #1 – Everything we post to our Instagram account gets automatically broadcasted to our Facebook fan page.

Post from Instagram to a Facebook Fan Page

While Instagram has an option to post to other social media profiles with IFTT you get to choose where exactly and what to include when syndicating the content. Also, using other recipes, it allows you to post to other web services like Tumblr and Pinterest.

Recipe #2 – Everything we post to our Instagram account gets automatically archived and backup to a BACKUP folder on Google Drive.

Save images posted to Instagram into Google Drive

Why would you do this?

Let’s say you most of your content is evergreen (not attached to a specific date) and it can be displayed over and over to your followers…

By backing up your files, you could after a couple months go into your BACKUP folder and re-schedule your content to display to your new followers. Old followers won’t remember they saw this a couple months ago and continue to share with their friends. Remember, consistency is key.

Follow up Chart:
Email Templates:
To download these files to your Google Drive or your computer go to
File > Make a copy or to File > Download As.

2 – Invite all your friends to like your Facebook page

Got your Facebook fan page setup?

Awesome… But, you currently have zero likes on your page and manually inviting all your friends one at a time will take you a long time, which we don’t have.

No worries, I have a solution for you in four single steps.

Let’s get on it!

Step 1

View gif in full resolution

Head over to the Facebook Page you want to invite your friends to use Google Chrome (only works with this browser). You must navigate using your personal profile, it won’t work while using Facebook as a page or as a Business Manager.

Click on the More tab and then Invite Friends. This will make the invitation window pop up. Please do this using your Desktop or laptop computer.

Who wants to copy the code on a mobile phone? Not me, that’s for sure.

Step 2

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When the invite friends to like window opens, scroll to the bottom of the list. To accelerate this process, click on any name on your list and hold down space bar until you reach the end. Make sure you leave the window open for the next step.

Step 3

View gif in full resolution

While leaving the invite friends to like window open (very important), type manually javascript: into your address bar.

Step 4

View gif in full resolution

For the final step, you will need to carefully copy some code, paste right after the Javascript: text into your address bar and press ENTER. If you miss any of the characters, the script won’t work.

Press the button below to copy the code you will have to paste into the browser bar right after adding Javascript:

Disclaimer: This code only works to invite your friends to a fan page, it won’t work to invite your friends to an event or join a Facebook group.

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3 – Use a Facebook Lead Box to get your current audience to subscribe to your newsletter from your Facebook fan page completely free.

A Facebook Lead Box is an easy way to get people’s information directly from Facebook. When they see this ad, they have the chance to signup directly from Facebook with their information on file. This is an easy way to increase conversions and get leads from your own audience.

Why would I ask for email addresses?

Email addresses are the only thing that you actually truly own and can take with you, if Facebook or any other company decides to terminate your page account, you end up back to zero.

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The best part of all is that is completely free.

Sound good right? Let me show you.

Step 1

Collect leads

Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and create an ad with the objective of collecting leads.

Step 2 – Pick the Facebook page you want to use to run this ad. Facebook will ask you to accept their terms of services in order to their Facebook Lead Ads. Continue to fill the information, you can get away by only putting the location and budget of $5 USD. There is no reason to fill the ads like if you were going to actually run the ad because you won’t need it. Press Continue.

Step 3

Facebook Lead Ad

Upload your desired image with a clear copy of what you offer them by signing up. Here is what ours looks like.

Step 4 – Create the Lead Form (Most important part) that will be connected to your ad. This is where you will find the email addresses collected by the form when posting to your fan page. For the Privacy Policy page, you can use your website URL to bypass this. Once that is ready, place your order.

Step 5 – After placing the order, go to your Facebook Ads Manager and turn it off that way you don’t get charged. There is no need for Facebook to approve your ad in order to run it but you had to submit the ad in order for it to show on your Facebook Ads Manager.

Step 6

Facebook Objective

Now, this is the fun part, open your ad set and on the right-hand side find the See Post link under the Objective section. This will open the link directly to your Facebook Lead Box, copy this link and use this to post it on your fan page.

Looking to take it a step further? Have an email sequence you want to broadcast to them and do this automatically?


Create a Zapier account (need a paid account for Facebook Leads to work) and every time someone subscribes to this lead box, push the email directly to your mailing list provider or other services.

4 – S4S (Shout out for a Shoutout)

For those that don’t know, this is one of the most powerful and effective ways to grow your Instagram followers once you have an established audience.

What is it and how does it work?

An S4S is when two Instagram users agree to give each other a shoutout post on their accounts by posting a photo or a video and instructing their own followers to go ahead and follow the other account. Shoutout posts often use photos or videos from the account they’re shouting out.

Before contacting them and to get the best results to follow these five tips to guide you to get a great Instagram shout out.

1 – Look for users with content similar to what you post.

2 – Look for users who have a similar number of followers as you do.

If they have more than you, they will often offer you paid posts instead.

3 – Like, comment or follow users before asking for a shoutout.

4 – Avoid spamming users with “S4S” comments on their post. People hate those. (i.e Want to do an s4s?)

5 – Contact users via email, kik or Instagram Direct.

Look for a contact button (if their profile is a business account), an email address in their bio or their kik username (A messenger used in the s4s community). If none is listed, try reaching them instead through an Instagram Direct private message.

Since I wrote this post to offer pure value, get the exact email outreach sequence I use below.

5 – Use Google Trends to find hot topics

Have you heard of Google Trends? If you want to find out what people are currently talking about on the Internet, this tool is a must.

Our process is simple. We go over to, pick Entertainment as a category and United States as a location.

We check this list every day and depending on the topic, we do research for facts about these topics.

Why do we do this?

Since people are searching for information on these topics, we make it easy for users to find facts about them. The great thing is that since our audience is pretty big, we can measure if a specific topic does great or not, if it does, we do a more in-depth research and come up with even more facts about them.

6 – Use Recurpost to repurpose evergreen content

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An amazing tool we use daily is Recurpost. Recurpost allows us to load a Library of content and have it automatically post to our Facebook Fan Page on a set schedule. Since our content is mostly evergreen (doesn’t expire), the tool allows us to rotate our content once it cycles the entire library.

While other apps like Meet Edgar charge $45 a month to use their service, Recurpost allows you to register a free account and have 100 recurring updates for you to test it out. The best part is? Their medium plan is only $25 a month and allows 1,000 recurring posts.

If you produce content in a form of articles, a podcast, use the same promotions, quotes and more, this tool is a must-have.

What are you waiting for? Go get your free account.

That is all for now…