Key Takeaways
  • Your YouTube Banner Size is 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Your banner should represent your brand and each element should complement with each other
  • Use arrows or other element to point where people can subscribe to your channel

When you talk about a video sharing website, without a doubt YouTube is at the top of the list.

Everybody’s goes on YouTube searching for interesting content. Whether you are a DIY fan and are looking for your next idea or learning what animals get up to in the wild, YouTube simply has it all!

If you are a YouTube fanatic like me, you probably are already subscribed to your favorite channels.

Have you noticed something similar will all of them?

High chance is that they all come with some high-quality YouTube banners.

That is likely how they caught your attention in the first place.

Just one look and you were hooked.

This is one of the main things you must do for your YouTube channel if you want to draw in plenty of visitors.

You must create awesome, consistent and attractive YouTube banners.


What Is a YouTube Banner?

People, before we even begin talking about how to create the best banners for your YouTube channel, we need to first understand what a YouTube banner is in the first place.

This is art that is displayed at the top of a YouTube Channel.

It is instantly noticed and could cause people to either ignore your channel or get curious and quickly click on it, if done correctly.

You can use the banner to add branding for your business.

As soon as people see it, they should be able to tell what they are going to get from your channel in an instant.

And this is why they are such a great tool when promoting your channel in that they can instantly raise interest.

Cool huh? I know.

Now let’s talk about consistency.

Your YouTube banner should be the same on all your media content. This makes it simple for your fans to recognize more videos that you have created without any hassle at all.

Remember you also want your subscribers and following to trust you.

This is why it’s important for your channel to look legit. Well established businesses can get designers to create the best YouTube banners for their channel.

Designer Task is one of them that can help you with this task.

However, if yours is a start up then you may not have the resources to hire one.

Great thing is you can create your own banner and still achieve a great look while still saving on some money.

YouTube Banner Size

If you have never done something like this before, then a YouTube banner template is your first step.

Templates will guide you through by providing all parameters you require to create a good-looking banner.

What’s more, a template will allow you to pick the right dimensions for your YouTube banner which is 2560x 1440 pixels.

We created a template with the right guidelines.


Lets now take a look at the process of creating your own YouTube banner and little things you should pay attention to.

Choosing the Best Layout

The first thing you want to consider is the layout.

You have different options at your disposal and the best one for you will depend on where you want your message as well as the effects that you want to achieve.

  • The centered title layout as the name suggests, allows you to place your title at the center of the YouTube banner. This has the effect of making the title more focused and bold.
  • The asymmetrical layout, here the title is placed at the side while the rest of the banner focuses on adding visual appeal such as an attractive image.
  • The third type is the sectioned layout, where the banner is divided into different sections. You can then add different images. To make sure it looks splendid ensure that there are not too many sections and the size of each section is the same with the next.

Give Visitors an Idea of What to Expect

There are two main ways viewers can land on your YouTube channel.

They either came across an interesting video that you made and wanted more of your videos or someone sent them a link to your youtube channel.

By just looking at your banner, visitors will be able to tell in an instant whether they found what they are looking for.

What does this mean?

This simply means that your banner should contain a glimpse as to what you are offering.

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If for example, you offer dating advice, then your YouTube banner should be able to indicate this.

Dating GF

Add Your Slogan or Logo on the Banner

Adding an elevator pitch and tagline to your YouTube banner will further help to draw viewers in.

However, the trick is to do it just right to avoid cluttering the banner with too much information.

The most common way to do this is to add the tagline on the top or bottom of the banner in a smaller font.

Keep it in a single sentence.

You can even add your website URL to direct more traffic.

Keep Things Short and Simple


Don’t get excited at all the space available on your YouTube banner.

The trick is to keep things simple and pass on information quickly and easy.

Simply use a great looking image on your banner then add your title and voila! You are done!

Another excellent idea is to use a transparent overlay. Once the mouse hovers over the text, the text pops up. The background image will be able to show through the text by adjusting the opacity.

This makes the image more visible without any obscurity from the text.

Selecting the Right Font

I hope I’m not losing you here.

When deciding on the best font for your YouTube banner, you want to go for one that reflects the right mood. Fonts are an interesting concept.

Why may you ask?

Because people will tend to associate a font or color with a specific mood, style or tone. It is absolutely crucial that you choose the right font for your banner.

And that’s not all. People also associate different fonts with different industries or businesses. Certain fonts create a modern more corporate feel while others are more traditional. Some are even more casual and fun.

For someone who is into science and wishes to share knowledgeable concepts and ideas using documentaries, a more serious looking font would be ideal.

Not Just any Photo Will Do

Talking about photos and images, you absolutely want to steer clear of blurry images.

Instead, go for a high-quality clear image with a resolution of at least 150dpi.

You can get really cool high-quality images from free stock photo sites.

However, if you prefer to use your own image, then ensure it is clear and crisp.

Adding a Call to Action

Your YouTube banner is an excellent place to add a call to action. For example, you may prompt your viewers to click on the subscribe button.

If you are not familiar with CTA or call to action, this is simply where you are asking your viewers to perform a specific task such as checking out your website or following you on Facebook or Twitter.

And when you also need to inform people of a promotion or event, guess where you are going to place it…on your banner!

I think you’re getting this.

Every Design Element Should Complement the Next

The trick to making your YouTube channel look professional is to make sure every element in the design blends neatly with the next.

You don’t want to get people confused. Your banner and channel icon especially should speak the same language.

Think of it this way.

The first thing that you will probably notice when you click on a channel is the banner.

The second thing is the YouTube icon. To make them both blend seamlessly, use the same image and visual style.

Stay Up to Date with Design Trends

Its all about staying with the competition and even better exceeding them. But you cannot do the same thing year in year out otherwise you will not be aware of new concepts.

Take a look at the channels of other well-performing YouTubers in your niche. If you notice a design trend, then you better follow suit and create something even better. That’s how you ensure a steady stream of visitors to your YouTube channel.

Turn that Awesome Banner into a Template

By now you should have a great looking YouTube banner that you just can’t wait to use. But don’t let your imaginations hit a dead end. You can always make your banner more attractive as you gain more ideas.

So why not turn it into a template on which you can add new visuals and images?

It’s definitely a brilliant idea. Over time you can transform it into something better. Whenever you want to periodically add or remove something, it will make everything simple since you will not have to start from zero.

You can always use the photoshop template we shared for you and edit that file.

Wrapping it up

Getting more viewers to your YouTube channel and maintaining them requires more than uploading quality videos.

You need to approach the concept from many different perspectives and having an awesome looking YouTube banner is one of the main ways you can achieve this.

I hope this article was useful for you. If you have any other suggestion, don’t forget to share with us in the comments below.